May 17, 2012

Herbal Tea Belly Blasters! Dr. Oz

Feeling bloated in the afternoon?

Have a cup of chickweed or dandelion tea.  These caffeine-free herbal options "contain potassium and magnesium, minerals that have a detoxifying and diuretic effect," says Wylde.  "They can help you lose water weight fast."

Next, dinner time becomes "time to kill the cravings," according to Dr. Oz.  All you have to do is savor a cup of bilberry or cinnamon tea.  

Both have a proven ability to balance blood sugar.  "When you blood sugar stays steady, you'll be less likely to go for that late-night snack," explains Wylde.  Researchers even have evidence that bilberry and cinnamon nutrients help the body make fewer fat-storage hormones!

Daily Dose:

One cup of chickweed or dandelion tea in the late afternoon; one cup of bilberry or cinnamon with dinner.

Dandelion Root Herbal Tea:


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A glass-full beats a pill!

Though both Dr. Oz and Wylde are open to the idea of supplements, Wylde notes that drinking tea helps to hydrate the body, and when the body is well hydrated, everything works better including metabolism." So, bottom up! As Dr. Oz put it: "These are the best teas for weight loss!"

Four Slimming Teas Dr. Oz:

Dandeliion Root Herbal Tea.

Puerh Slimming Tea READ MORE.

Anti-flab White Tea! READ MORE.


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