June 2, 2012

Dr Oz Recommends Flax Seeds for Weight Loss

It sounds too good to be true, but Harvard studies prove it: Slimming down can be as easy as adding this nutrient powerhouse to your diet.

Here, Dr Oz-Approved Strategies that will Shrink Your Waistline!

The thought of stepping out at the pool with a bare belly is stressful enough it’s hard to imagine doing it on one of the most successful shows on television! But on a recent episode of The Dr. Oz show, an entire audience of women did just that as they discussed this trouble spot with Mehmet C. Oz, M.D., director of the Integrative Medicine Program at the Columbia University Medical center.  While the women bravely shared their stomach woes, Dr. Oz assured them that melting belly inches is possible.  And, as he has explained in his book You: On a Diet, it doesn’t have to involve deprivation.  “Eating isn’t all about foods that will help keep you full and what ‘feels right’ so you can achieve and maintain your ideal playing weight.”

To make that surprisingly easy to do, Dr. Oz has highlighted the superstar the burns even the most stubborn belly fat.  Plus, he’s identified additional ingredients that target the top weight loss roadblocks – high stress and extreme hunger – so you can lose without struggle.  And unlike diet pills that come with scary side effects, these slimmers deliver, revved brain power and a reduced risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Read on for your action plan.

On recent episode of his show, Dr. Oz dubbed edible seeds the “power plants of nutrition” and urged his audience, “You should have shelves of them in your pantry.”  One seed in particular that has Dr. Oz buzzing: flaxseed.

The doctor’s fondness for flax isn’t surprising given the study backed slimming agents it contains.  As he revealed, “It gives you healthy fat that satiates your appetite and get rid of belly fat.” Harvard University scientists agree, crediting flax’s poly unsaturated fats and fiber with the results they observed in a 12-week study:  Subjects who added 3 to 4 Tbs. to their daily diet dropped 37 percent more weight with than those who didn’t eat the seed.

 Better still, natural plant estrogens in flaxseed called lignans target the midlife hormonal flux that causes belly fat to creep on with age – a problem Dr. Oz ranked as the “all-time biggest body complaint for women over 40.” How lignans work:  Estrogen is metabolized in the liver to form two hormonally active substances – one of these is linked to obesity while the other has fat-burning effects, explains Holly Lucille, N.D., R.N.  “Research indicates that flaxseed’s lignans shift the metabolism of estrogen in the direction of the fat burners, “ Lucille notes.  “It’s particularly important during perimenopause and menopause, when changes in estrogen balance can contribute to fat accumulation.”  In fact, lab mice in a recent study that were fed a lignan – enriched diet for four weeks ended up with 32 percent less abdominal fat then their “no lignan” counterparts.

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The benefits of that belly-fat loss go beyond slimming. As study after study shows, overall well-being increases as the waistline shrinks.  And that leads to Dr. Oz's bottom line: "Flax helps reduce the number of folks who suffer from heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes."

To Start Trimming Inches Today!

Dr. Oz has advised eating 2 tbs. of the slightly nutty seeds per day, adding them to smoothies, shakes and even burgers.  Flax also makes a tasty topper for salad, cereal and other dishes, like the flaxseed-breaded chicken he recently samples on the air.

You'll find flaxseed above, where you can choose from two types: a finely ground meal with a texture that's perfect for smoothies and drinks or whole seeds that can be coarsely ground and added to cereal, salad and recipes that benefit from a touch of nutty texture.  If you choose whole seed, keep in mind that the fatty acid are in flax's inner oil, so you have to grind them to get the benefits. Simply whir briefly in a coffee grinder, food processor or blender.

Well, there are 3 ways you can buy flax seed:

  1. as a whole seed. 
  2. ground flax seed. 
  3. cold milled ground flax seed (looks like ground, but is different). 

If you bought your flax seed either as #1 or #3 whole seed or cold milled ground flax seed, then you do NOT have to store it in the fridge.

Here is Why:

Whole flax seed is safely contained and will not break down and rot -it is a seed! Store flax seed up to 7+ years in a cool, dark spot (like a pantry or basement) with no problems. …but remember you do want to grind your whole flax seed, otherwise they can pass right through you!  

Cold milled ground flax seed has never been exposed to heat during the grinding process and this protects the Omega 3 oil and prevents it from starting to denature and break down. …You DO want to keep your cold milled ground flax seed out of direct sunlight/heat source, otherwise the denaturing process can start to break down the Omega 3 and cause it to go rancid. 

If… your bulk flax seed is ground flax seed and it did not specify that it was Cold Milled flaxseed…

….then you DO want to keep it in the fridge. This flax HAS been exposed to a heat source when it was ground and the Omega 3 oil can start to denature and go rancid. If you buy ground flax seed, then it should have been stored in a fridge in the store and prior to that. If you don't know how it was stored… then use this.

Whole Flax Seeds:

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3 thoughts on “Dr Oz Recommends Flax Seeds for Weight Loss

  1. Actually using flax seed for weight loss is one of the main reasons I love flax and eat it every day! It helps me feel full and to maintain my healthy weight.
    It can also help assist with weight loss because flax helps suppress appetites. Read more about wegiht loss and flax.
    The reason ground flaxseed is so great to start your day with to help you feel fuller for longer is because of the brain Food Omega 3 Flaxseed is a brain food that makes our brains feel happy and satiated. We aren't eating enough Omega 3 and the only way we can get it is through eating Omega 3 foods (our bodies cannot make it).
    So much food doesn't have enough Omega 3 because it is cooked, dried, baked or processed. This leaves our bodies and brains craving "more", but really what we need is Omega 3 oil to give the brain its necessary nutrients.

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