Britney’s Spears New Diet to get Hot Body

Simon Cowell has honed his skills as a judge on The X Factor, but these days he's critiquing costar Britney Spears.

His verdict? Her diet needs work. Hoping to slim Brit down for the premiere of the second season, Simon has her on the same crazy diet he's doing.

Brit is supposed to start her day with oatmeal and tea — no more Pop-Tarts and Starbucks — and end with steamed salmon or skinless chicken for dinner.

At snack time, she can have smoothies made according to Simon's special recipes.

The yummiest-sounding one: a seven-fruit super smoothie, requiring exotic ingredients that Simon has flown to his home every week. (Brit's getting a regular shipment too.)

But the real key to a hot bod? It might be the supershots Simon gets — weekly 30-minute infusions of magnesium and vitamins B12 and C.

Some people will do anything to look good — or, at least, to please Simon.

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