Diet Kitchen Tips

Why are Potato Chips Good for Your Diet?

Did you know that there is more potassium in potatoes… than any other vegetable  – even more than bananas? One potato has almost 620 mg, which is about 15 percent of what you need every day. Potassium is essential for body growth and cell maintenance. It's also necessary for nervous function and for normal muscle contraction – including the heart muscle. Potassium is also an electrolyte that helps to balance

Best Juice Machines

Types of Juice machines. Basic Guide to Juicers. There are different types of juicers on the market, and as everyone has different needs and requirements it's important to choose the Best juicer that fits your purpose. They all work differently and come in various sizes, shapes and price ranges, so to make it easy here is a general overview of the different juice machines: 1. The Breville Juice Fountain Elite

The T-Fal Actifry Low - Fat Multi-Cooker to Lose Weight

The concept and machine itself really work well – it cooks almost anything in minimal 1 or 2 measuring spoons (14 or 28mls) of oil or no oil, olive oil is recommended. It works by blasting hot air over the food which is rotated around by a paddle device. It cooks frozen food too, especially french fries taste JUST LIKE deep-fried ones you would get at a fast-food restaurant. Shop Now

Low Calorie French Fry Maker

Fat Free French Fries? Are you serious? Who doesn’t love French Fries? Yes, believe it or not here is a Fat Free French Fry Maker and you cook it, not in the oven, but in the microwave.     Shop Now and Save on the Microwave French Fry Maker. Just slice the potato (or use frozen fries) and place vertically in the openings. Fries are separated so they cook and brown

Best Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Avoid gaining weight on the holiday or really these tips are great anytime of the year: 1.  Include fiber at every meal. Every gram of fiber consumed blocks at least 7 calories from being absorbed during digestion, according to a German study.  The reason: fiber (found in celery, leafy greens, whole grains, nuts and fruit) traps fat molecules and carries them out of the body.  It also speeds transit of

Why is Whole Wheat Bread Better for a Diet?

Whole wheat bread is a whole food! And because whole wheat is a whole food it is more nutritious and healthier. Whole foods have not been processed therefore their nutrients have not been removed. While white bread is a processed food that is stripped of most of its nutrients.  Whole wheat bread is also high in fiber, another key to losing weight and maintaining a healthy diet. Whole wheat bread

Handheld Chopper Increases Weight Loss.

Make low Calorie Meals with a Handheld Chopper. This makes it easy to chop veggies, no more excuses for not getting your five plus slimming fruits and veggies all day. And chop those Herbs this is also a great way to keep your meals low in calories. And you will never be at a loss because the variety of herbs available will keep every meal delicious and fresh. There is