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In recent months, Dr. Oz has actually explored the benefits of several breakthrough nutritional supplements, each with study-proven abilities to speed slimming. But that has left some women asking: Which one of these products is right for me? So we reviewed the research findings and talked to the experts to learn more about how Dr. Oz’s favorite diet supplements work and to determine which products are best suited for the most common weight-loss obstacles affecting women today. Read on to discover your miracle.

Weight Loss Obstacle

Your Hero: Raspberry Ketone

As Dr. Oz explained, raspberry ketone works by stimulating fat cells to step up their release of adiponectin.  “This is a hormone that naturally tricks your body into acting like it is thin.” Natural health and nutriition expert Lindsey Duncan, N.D., adds, “Adiponectin helps rev up two key metabolic processes.  It increases the breakdown and release of stored fat so it becomes available as fuel to energize the body, and it is believed to stimulate thermogenesis so the body burns that released fat.”  Evidence of those actions comed from scientists at Korea’s Food and Drug Administration.  They discovered that body cells exposed to raspberry ketone not only accumulated less fat but also burned off more stored fat.

More good news:  Animal research conducted at China’s Shenyang Agricultural University indicates that a daily dose of raspberry ketone can help prevent fat from accumulating in the liver and hindering this organ’s function.  according to Duncan, tha’s a slimming benefit in itself. “the liver plays such key roles in energy metabolism and nutrient delivery throughout the body that having it function at is best is absolutely critical to achieving your health and weight loss goals.”

Your Hero: Green Coffee Bean Extract

“A staggering newly released study reveals that coffee, in its purest, raw form, may hold the secret to weight loss that you’ve been waiting for,” Dr. Oz recently announced to his audience.  “The study, presented at a meeting of the world’s largest scientific society, triggered unprecedented excitement for a weight loss study”.

Why he buzz: Subjects who supplemented with green coffee bean extract dropped 10 percent of their weight in 22 weeks without reducing calories even though their daily caloric intake was on the high side, according to lead study author Joe Vinson, Ph.D., who reported the findings in the journal Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity.  What’s more, Vinson says people taking the supplement outside the Lab setting could stand to lose even more weight.  The reason: “Subjects took the extract for only two-thirds of the study period,” he explains. “For the other one third of the time, they get a placebo.”

Green coffee bean extract owes its powers to chlorogenic acid, a natural plant compound. “This acid has an effect in the intestines that reduces that amount of glucose absorbed from the diet,” Vinson says.  This is turn lowers levels of insulin in the bloodstream good news since a University of Tennessee team reporting in the International Journal of Obesity found that subjects whose insulin level were lower experienced fewer carb cravings.

As Vinson adds, animal studies reveal that the extract also helps prevent fat absorption. That’s an action noted by researchers at Sunchon National University in South Korea, who found that daily doses of green coffee bean extract blunted belly-fat accumulation in mice while enhancing the metabolism of stored fat in their liver.

Still, as impressed as Dr. Oz was with the science supporting green coffee bean extract, he admitted to viewers that it seemed “a little too good to be true”.  That ‘s why he asked two members of his audience to test the extract for five days, then had them share their experiences on air.  The reviews were positive: The women reported decreased hunger and heightened energy.

To beat cravings and blast belly fat: You can’t get the perks by drinking coffee since roasting the beans reduces their chlorogenic-acid content.  Instead, try the strategy recommended to Dr. Oz’s viewers:  Take 800 mg. of green coffee extract 30 minutes before eating, twice daily.  A product that contains the same extract used in Dr. Vinson’s study: Life Extension coffee genic Green coffee Extract 400 mg.

Bonus! This coffee extract cuts cholesterol.

the chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean extract does more than curb cravings:  In an animal study in the Journal of Nutritional biochemistry, the substance was shown to lower cholesterol and reduces dangerous blood fats know as triglycerides after just three weeks.  Plus, a recent report in the journal Nutrition and Cancer credited chlorogenic acid’s natural antioxides action with suppressing growth of both colon cancer and liver cancer cells.  And in a study led by Joe Vinson, Ph.D., green coffee bean extract was shown to reduce subjects’ heart rates by three beats per minute.  Vinson says that’s life-extending news since a lower heart rate means the organ doesn’t have to work as hard.

Weight Loss Obstacle

Your Hero Glucomannan

Your can’t say on your diet and do what you want to do if your are hungry all the time,” Mehmetn Oz, M.D., acknowledged on a recent episode of the Dr. Oz Show.  To the rescue: glucomannan, and extract of the konjac plant. “I like to call it “nature’s skinny sponge” because that is literally what it does, ” Dr. Oz said. “It’s a spponge that will suck up your hunger.”

Glucomannan gets its satiating qualities from its high amount of soluble fiber, says Shawn M. Talbott, Ph.D., coauthor of the Health Professionals Supplements. ” The fiber causes glucomannan to swell more than tenfold as it soaks up liquid, which exerts a stretching effect on the stomach, ” he explains.  “This stimulates nerves that go right to the brain, telling it to dial down appetite immediately.”

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