How to lose Weight

What is your biggest Challenge? Getting started! That is the answer when asked “What is the hardest part about losing weight?” When you want to lose weight, you think the only way to accomplish this is to “go on” a diet, and most often they require too many changes all at once. And that is why the hardest part is getting started. Therefore, you soon “fall off” that diet only

How Many Daily Calories to Cut to Lose Weight?

So, how many calories to lose weight? It does depend on many different factors. Your current weight, age, height, and gender are some of those. Your activity level, and size will determine what is the optimal number of calories you need to consume daily and, specifically, what are you current body factors that determine how many calories you should be cutting to lose those unwanted  pounds. A smaller body size

Top Five Weight Loss Success Tips

Weight Loss Success Tips: Get Started on Your Weight Loss Plan: Losing Weight can be very challenging and one big reason for failure is due to a lack of planning and commitment. Planning your diet and fitness goals along with the following key weight loss tips will help you reach your weight loss goals.   1.  Add More Fiber to your Diet! Did you know that eating more fiber increases