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Dr. Oz - Fat Burner - Raspberry Ketone

On the show, Dr. Oz touted over-the-counter raspberry ketone supplements as a “miracle fat-burner in a bottle.” More specifically, ketone supplements are concentrated doses of the chemical in raspberries that causes their distinct aroma. The substance has been approved by the FDA as “generally safe” since 1965, but ketones are experiencing a surge in popularity thanks to several recent studies analyzing their ability to burn stored fat. On Dr. Oz, a

Does African Mango Work for Weight Loss?

Yes African Mango is known for increasing weight loss. The latest research reveals the fascinating ways in which African mango fights fat: In a study published in the journal Lipids in Health and Disease, researchers discovered that the extract reduces the action of a gene (PPAR-gamma0 that’s recognized as a “master regulator” of fat-cell growth. And in doing so, African mango enhances the activity of a hormone (leptin) that plays