microwave french fry maker

Why are Potato Chips Good for Your Diet?

Did you know that there is more potassium in potatoes… than any other vegetable  – even more than bananas? One potato has almost 620 mg, which is about 15 percent of what you need every day. Potassium is essential for body growth and cell maintenance. It's also necessary for nervous function and for normal muscle contraction – including the heart muscle. Potassium is also an electrolyte that helps to balance

Low Calorie French Fry Maker

Fat Free French Fries? Are you serious? Who doesn’t love French Fries? Yes, believe it or not here is a Fat Free French Fry Maker and you cook it, not in the oven, but in the microwave.     Shop Now and Save on the¬†Microwave French Fry Maker. Just slice the potato (or use frozen fries) and place vertically in the openings. Fries are separated so they cook and brown