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Dr oz Green Drink for Weight Loss

Dr. Oz's humble blend of cucumbers, apples and leafy greens has ignited a trend.   What makes Dr. oz's signature sip such a breakthrough beverage?   As America's healthy guru, Dr. oz himself cites the fact that it compensates for one of our top concerns that we are simply not getting sufficient nourishment form standard diets.  "We know we have to have at least five fistfuls of leafy green vegetables and

Dr. Oz Green Smoothie Recipes

Lesley Scott, 45, dropped 10 pounds thanks to the Dr. Oz ‘s green smoothies: “I’ve never been thinner or in better shape,” Lesley says. “It’s awesome to think that when you’re in your mid 40′s and are premenopausal, you don’t have to pack on the pounds you can actually do the opposite!” That’s also true for Florrie Wallace, 48, she quickly dropped the 54 pounds she hadn’t been able to