Ten Ways to Lose Weight

Ten Ways to Lose Weight

Losing weight can be very frustrating mainly because losing weight requires a lifestyle change which isn’t always easy.Bad habits such as poor diets, take a lot of will powder to change, but the good news is that once your start a daily routine it gets easier. Lose Weight. You will not only start to shed the pounds, but you will also feel and look great. Take a note of some weight loss tips below:

Eat Breakfast:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the Day, because it gives us the energy & fuel to get us going in the morning! And Since breakfast is the first meal of the day chances are that this is the meal that we will burn off these calories. And skipping  breakfast could lead to binge eating later in the day, so don’t skip on your breakfast and this will help you stay on track to your weight loss goals.

Skip the Scale:

Measure your weight loss by the way your cloths fit rather then the scale. Most people trying to lose weight, tend to weigh themselves much too often, which leads to  frustration.  Healthy long lasting weight loss takes time, it is often about changing your lifestyle, so avoid getting discouraged and measure your weight loss success by the way your cloths fit.

Take it slow, small steps lead to bigger goals:

Weight loss often requires a lifestyle change that can be quite challenging, so most people are often more successful when they make small changes. Usually making too many changes all at once leads to failure.

Make a plan and evaluate your progress:

An important technique is to monitor your weight loss progress, so keeping a visual record of your weight loss status is key to reaching your weight loss goals. Devote some time to identify and evaluate your weight loss goals, progress and challenges, it will help stay on track and motivated.

Treat your self you deserve it:

 It is so important to treat yourself as you are working so hard toward your goals, so choose a day to reward yourself, maybe Friday or Saturday night by dining out.  There are some great restaurants with low calorie meals.

Add Strength training:

Adding a pound of muscle mass will cause you to burn up to 50 extra calories per day, even when you’re just sitting down. Imagine how much faster you could lose weight if you replaced 10 lbs of fat with muscle?

Eat the right foods: 

Eliminate processed foods from your diet. Processed foods are striped of nutrients and contain chemicals and artificial flavors and have almost no nutritional value. Most processed foods are made with trans fats, saturated fats, and large amounts of sodium and sugar. These types of foods should be avoided, or at least eaten sparingly. Replace processed foods with whole gain and whole wheat with all natural ingredients.

Adapt your schedule to working out:

Plan out when your going to workout. If you schedule time to work out you have a better chance of sticking to your scheduled time. The morning is usually the best time to work out it keeps you energized though out the day.

Add more Fiber to your Diet:

Did you know that fiber increases weight loss. Fiber is a key to a healthy diet. Studies have shown that most people with high fiber diets lose more weight. Fiber actually acts as a binding agent, it blinds to fatty deposits flushing them out of your system increasing weight loss. Most experts suggest 25 to 30 grams of fiber per day. Some high fiber fruits are; apples, raspberries, blackberries ect. and high fiber vegetables are; corn, artichokes, spinach, ect. more options view Fiber Chart.

Diet Snacks
Snack Smart – Make healthy snack choices.  There are some great tasting healthy snack to choose from, here are some recommendations:


Popcorn is very low in calories and high in fiber. Use a tablespoon of herb flavored Olive oil (i.e parsley, basil, oregano, ect.) to pop the corn. The herb flavored olive oil gives the popcorn a great taste. You can also use Leggio’s Italian Gourmet Dipping and Cooking Olive Oil,or another brand of dipping Olive Oil.  This adds a lot a flavor to your popcorn just try it you will love it. Let us know what you think? Just 4 cups of popcorn = 120 calories.

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