Why are Potato Chips Good for Your Diet?

Did you know that there is more potassium in potatoes…

than any other vegetable  – even more than bananas? One potato has almost 620 mg, which is about 15 percent of what you need every day. Potassium is essential for body growth and cell maintenance. It's also necessary for nervous function and for normal muscle contraction – including the heart muscle. Potassium is also an electrolyte that helps to balance the fluids in your body, which is important for healthy blood pressure.

Baked potatoes also contain substantial amounts vitamin B6 and C, which are vital for blood clotting, wound healing, a strong immune system, normal nervous system function and for converting the food you eat to energy. There's also a substance called kukoamine found in potatoes that may help to lower blood pressure, although more research is necessary to know for sure.

Potatoes are nutritious and are a great addition to a healthy diet, so don't give up your favorite foods; like potato chips and fries there are healthy ways to prepare either fries or chips. Eat up and enjoy!

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