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Goal Sheet Lunch Ideas?

Looking for some great options for low calorie but tasty lunch options?

2014-10-28 posted by: rayrose
kaymossRe: Goal Sheet Lunch Ideas?
2014-12-07 18:12:15

A great yummy option for lunch that is low in calories and healthy is grill cheese on an English Muffins. Did you know that an English Muffin is only 100 calories where two slices of bread is about 170 to 300 calories so the English Muffin is the better choice and just as good.

So make a grill cheese with an English Muffin - just add a slice of cheese and tomato and if you like add mustard. I love it with mustard. Then heat up some olive oil in a frying pan and grill your sandwich - eat up and enjoy. 

sharon19Re: Goal Sheet Lunch Ideas?
2014-10-29 08:17:22

Add a whole wheat wrap to you lunch menu it is full of fiber and is less calories then bread.

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