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Dr Oz Stress Supplements!

What supplements does Dr. Oz recommend to lose weight?

2012-09-24 Posted by:alexparks
Re: Dr Oz Stress Supplements!
2012-09-25 15:42:37
Dr. Oz recommends Holy Basil for reducing anxiety that will help you lose weight. Anxiety is a major cause of stress eating which can especially increase belly fat, so Dr. Oz has come up with another solution Holy Basil. Holy Basil has recently become popular in the United States, but has been used in India for over a thousand years. Studies show that holy basil actually decreases the intensity of anxiety that someone might have. This is because it lowers the stress hormone cortisol a hormone that contributes to belly fat when we are stressed. Holy basil also stabilizes blood sugar and stabilizing blood sugar keeps you from mindlessly putting carbs in your month. It is also an anti-inflammatory.

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