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South Beach Diet Reviews?

What are the reviews and results on the south beach diet?

2012-06-29 Posted by:terry
Re: South Beach Diet Reviews?
2012-06-30 09:14:24
Re: South Beach Diet Reviews?
2012-06-30 09:07:01
I read some good reviews on the south beach diet and I'm thinking about trying it. Does anyone know of any promo codes or discounts that are being offered?
Re: South Beach Diet Reviews?
2012-06-30 08:44:24
I have been fat since I got married. None of the diets worked. My husband bought me an exercise bicycle, but that was too hard and he said the noise sounded like a big hamster. Now the south beach diet has allowed me to lose over a hundred pounds in less than three months.
Re: South Beach Diet Reviews?
2012-06-29 14:16:58
I've tried everything to lose those last few pounds of fat in my hips, fingers, and armpits, but to no avail! It was if my body felt it needed that fat to survive! Like many, I tried to Atkins diet - it made my breath smell terrible, but it was a welcome change from my vegan diet. After my liver failed and I bought my way up the transplant list, my doctor insisted I give up eating 10-20 pounds of red meat a day. So I went on the oh-so popular Ally McBeal diet, but I found I no longer had to the energy to do the simplest of household chores, such as instructing the nanny what time to pick up the stepchildren from soccer practice. I ended up having to give up walking entirely in order to stay true to the diet.

But now the South Beach Diet has saved my life, or at least that's what the doctors tell me. Whatever diet you're on ladies, whether it's the liquid diet, macrobiotic, laxative, or the famous "if it's not on my plate it doesn't count" diet, get off it now and switch to the South Beach Diet! You too can soon have the body of a 12 year old girl!

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