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GoWear Fit Weight Loss Device?

I'm looking for a weight management device to help me stay on track with mananging my calories and fitness program. I seem to have very little time to watch my calories and manage workouts, and have read some reviews on weight management devices that have help other people reach their goals.

2012-07-04 Posted by:saragor
Re: GoWear Fit Weight Loss Device?
2012-07-04 17:12:12

GWear Fit Display Device:

GoWear fit Display Device.

Re: GoWear Fit Weight Loss Device?
2012-07-04 17:00:18
Five months ago I bought the GoWearFit system and have used it quite a bit for hiking and various other activities  Basically, it's awesome, and I use it a lot - as you can tell by other reviews it tells you in more or less real time how many calories you've burned. 

I use the 'trip' counter for lifting weights at the gym or even going shopping at the store - it really helps me narrow in on how many calories I'm using. Seeing the information as it happens helps motivate me on days I haven't quite met my calorie targets, and it beeps and blips according to my settings on how many steps or how much activity I want that day. 

I'm not crazy about the look of the armband device - it's kind of kludgy and the armband itself isn't very flexible. I struggle with getting the end of it fastened and under the buckle. 

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