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Buy the Easy Pineapple Slicer?

Healthy kitchen gadgets to help you lose weight and keep slim.

2012-07-05 Posted by:kattymat
Re: Buy the Easy Pineapple Slicer?
2012-08-18 13:10:21
I used the pineapple slicer to make a fruit bowl for our last cook out. It is so easy to use.
Re: Buy the Easy Pineapple Slicer?
2012-07-30 16:29:49
I purchased the pineapple slicer about 2 months ago and I love it. I made a fruit bowl for a party and this gadget made it so much easier.
Re: Buy the Easy Pineapple Slicer?
2012-07-10 14:06:28

I saw this on the today's show and purchased it. It works great very easy to use.

I love pinapple and made a fruit salad it was delicious.

Re: Buy the Easy Pineapple Slicer?
2012-07-05 07:06:23

I love this handy kitchen device! Use it to make healthy desserts. The stainless steel pineapple slicer:
Buy the Stainless Steel Pineapple Easy Slicer, Corer
Re: Buy the Easy Pineapple Slicer?
2012-07-05 07:01:34
The pineapple slicer does the job easily and effectively. I've only used it twice, so I can't be certain it'll last, but it seems reasonably sturdy. Using it is simple and it leaves you with a stack of clean even rings and, so long as you don't screw down through the bottom, a nice leak-proof pineapple "bowl.". The only drawback is that, depending on the size of the pineapple, it leaves a fair amount of edible meat on the rind. Considering how big most pineapples are these days, providing a larger diameter cutter would be good option.

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