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New Diet - Six Weeks To OMG!

Wow a lot of buzz on this hot diet in England. People seem to be losing weight quickly? How does it work?

2012-07-10 Posted by:nancypoke
Re: New Diet - Six Weeks To OMG!
2012-07-10 14:04:15
I have tried every single diet known to man it seems. I have read all the books,watch all the videos, and guess what? I am still fat and overweight! Six Weeks to OMG completely hanged how I looked at dieting. I always thought I had to eat breakfast and who that broccoli carbs can be worst than Coke! Venice Fulton has made me look at food and say I can do this. Every other book has said that I need to diet and exercise. DUH!!! I knew that, this explains what you should eat and more importantly why you should eat it. I have already noticed weight loss in the the last three weeks. I can wear jeans that I haven’t been able to get into for more than two years.

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