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Popsicle molds for Weight Loss?

Popsicle are great for the summer. What are the best popsicle molds and recommendations for popsicle recipes.

2012-08-13 Posted by:jennyscott
Re: Popsicle molds for Weight Loss?
2012-08-26 11:29:44
The quick pop maker is great! It is so simple to use and makes popsicles in minutes. I used it for my daughter's birthday party and the kids loved them.
Re: Popsicle molds for Weight Loss?
2012-08-16 13:26:04
The Quick Pop Maker is great! It has a base that you pop in your freezer for 24 hours and then when you take it out, you are minutes away from homemade popsicles. It sounds simple, and it is. You just make your popsicle mix in the flavor(s) of your choice (or just use straight chilled juice or lemonade for something easier) and chill it until it is cold, much like making an ice cream base. Then simply pop the sticks into the molds and pour in the mix. Once they are frozen you can use the Super Tool that comes with the maker to remove the pops quickly and easily. I've used mine to make a few different kinds of popsicles from recipes I created myself.
Re: Popsicle molds for Weight Loss?
2012-08-13 12:52:09
I love popsicles!

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