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Heal your Liver to Melt fat. Two-thirds of American women have livers clogged with pollutants.  Cleanse and reactivate your liver to burn fat faster than you ever thought possible!

Envision you home having an elaborate trash-compacting system:  as series of machines that sort trash from recycling and compact each throwaway in a manner that’s best suited for efficient disposal.  Now imagine this system gets bombarded with too much and too many different kinds of waste.  Unable to handle the pace, it takes on some of the refuse – the junk begins to clog the gears and chutes, slowing things down even further.  As this vicious cycle continues, the system continuously gets slower and more clogged.

This is precisely the state of most of our livers, according to a study at the University of Louisville in Kentucky.  Investigators found 111 environmental pollutants in the bodies of 60 percent of the 4,500 subjects they tested – had signs of liver damage in 34 percent.  The findings are especially unsettling to medical experts who know that while toxic buildup is a body-wide problem, effective detoxification can’t occur unless liver function is optimized.

A healthy liver handles toxins through a series of synchronized chemical reactions.  During phase one the toxins are either neutralized or changed to intermediate metabolites in preparation for removal.  During phase two a second set of reactions makes these substances water soluble so they can be eliminated from the body.  But when the organ is constantly taxed by toxins (like the lead, mercury and pesticides identified in the University of Louisville study), it becomes so overworked that it clogs and slows as we described.  But unlike our hypothetical compactor, the liver has a strategy to handle a backlog.  To keep toxins from recirculating throughout the blood and tissues when the liver is too overworked to process them, the body sequesters the dangerous compounds as fat.

As if manufacturing fat weren’t bad enough:  The liver is one of the body’s major fat burner.  But when it’s congested with toxins, it can’t break down and metabolize fat efficiently, which results in weight gain.

The Diet Plan that Heals

Optimizing liver function is critical to restoring the body’s slimming ability, but not all cleanses are created equal. For effective detoxification, phase-one and phase-two reactions must occur in the liver in a balanced way and for this to happen, the organ must receive the full complement of nutrients these reactions require.  That’s why many women who do detoxes that don’t nutritionally support the liver experience GI distress, headaches and fatigue-there’re actually accumulating more toxins and feeling worse then before. This plan flushes fat-trapped toxins to deliver fast fat loss and boosts the liver’s ability to withstand future toxic assaults so melted pounds don’t return.

Liver Healers:

1.  B Vitamins and Amino Acids:

The bevy of B-complex vitamins in this plan serve as cofactors in phase-one detoxification, which means they are key to the processing of toxins.  To fuel phase two, the protein-rich plan delivers amino acids, which convert intermediate metabolites into water-soluble forms so they can be excreted.

2.  Enzymes:

Plant enzymes from fruit and vegetables are also key to a fully functioning liver. One of the liver’s jobs is to assist with digestion.  Enzymes in fresh produce ‘pre-digest’ food so the liver gets a break from this task and that means it can focus on its detoxification and fat-burning jobs.

3.  “New” Fat:

Fatty acids in foods like olive oil, fish and nuts help stem the damaging inflammation that toxins cause in the body.  Another perk:  When mice in one study were deprived of dietary fat, their livers became clogged with fat.  The researchers concluded that old fat can’t be burned efficiently unless “new’ fat is supplied.

4. “New” Fat:

Optimal detoxification can’t occur without fiber.  The intestines not only accumulate toxins from the foods we eat, they also pull toxic substance out of other tissues so they don’t recirculate through the bloodstream for repeated processing by the liver.  Fiber optimizes removal of these toxins by sweeping them through the digestive tract.  That’s why anyone on this plan who doesn’t have a daily bowel movement to take a Psyllium seed or Prune Fiber Supplement.

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