Dr Oz Recommends Microwave Potato Chips Maker

Love Chips but not the Calories? Well then this product is for you! This product is easy to use and the product manual is light on instructions because it self explanatory. Slice potatoes, dry slices out on paper towel about 10 mins, place on trays, and microwave! Thats It!

The cooking time varies according to microwaves models, so test the cooking time to get best results. It’s also true that – again according to each individual microwave – chips in the middle of the tray may cook faster than the chips on the outer rim on the tray.

Again, this isn’t a problem for me – it takes only 5 seconds to open the microwave, and either remove the finished chips or rotate the middle & outer chips for more even cooking. This is a high recommended device for perfect low calorie healthy chips.

Tasty Low Calorie Potato Chips:

  • Much easier to add salt/seasoning before the chips have cooked, as salt will stick to the damp surface better.
  • When first using your chip trays, start with the manual’s suggested cooking time, and add more time in 30 second increments, checking often. There is a place in the manual for making a note of your preferred cooking times for each type of vegetable chip – it’s worth taking the time to do this & record your results. Once you have the timing worked out, cooking will be much less fussy & you’ll be able to produce chips quickly & efficiently.
  • Chips that have started to brown during cooking will be much crispier and will STAY much crispier – non-browned chips will still be delicious, but lose a little of their *snap* over time.
  • To add additional flavor use olive oil mister to lightly spray the chips before cooking. Additional seasoning possibilities are garlic oil; fresh rosemary mixed in with the salt; BBQ spices on sweet potato chips; etc.


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