Dr oz Reveals the Oil that Shrinks Belly Fat

Dr. Oz reveals the oil that shrinks belly fat! Lose 6lbs and 5 inches a week without dieting.  Could safflower oil be a game changer in the fight against fat? Dr. Oz recently asked.  “In my opinion, we have compelling data that seems to say yes.” And with those words, the doc kicked off a craze that is flattening bellies across the nation. Folks already tell us they have used Dr. Oz’s discovery to lose up to six pounds and five inches of ab flab in a single week without diet. And top researchers say this approach is effective even for those of us with the most stubborn belly bulge: “What I love about the studies we have seen so far is that some were done on post-menopausal diabetes.

Metabolically, these women were a mess and yet they still lost belly fat just by taking salflower oil”, says one supplement company insider. “People are really excited about this and with good reason!”

If the prospect has you excited, you’re in luck.We’ve rounded up everything you will need to know dosage guide-lines, oil options for you to try, exclusive recipes for you to test, and much more. Get ready for an effortlessly flatter tummy.

How Much Safflower Do I take?

Pros recommend 2 tsp. or the equivalent in supplements per day. For maximum effects, take half your daily dose before lunch and the other half before dinner.

What Safflower Supplement Can I try?

Other Brands:

Try Solgar Safflower Oil Softgels:
Solgar – Safflower Oil, 100 softgels

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2 thoughts on “Dr oz Reveals the Oil that Shrinks Belly Fat

  • April 14, 2012 at 11:13 am

    I saw this on Dr. Oz and was impressed with the science behind the product. I’ve ordered it from the manufacturer’s site; am giving 5 stars because saw the results shown on the show, and Montel Williams. Can’t wait to get my order!

    Update: 3 weeks later and I have lost about an inch around my waist; my “skinny jeans” now fit like the jeans I used to save for “fat days” so I’m happy.

    I like the tangerine flavor (I stir it into yogurt); will probably try the berry when I reorder. I don’t eat a lot to begin with and I’m not dramatically overweight (I could lose 5 – 8 lbs), so getting rid of the fat left after the birth of my son has been hard. I’m trying to exercise more (more walking and occasional mini-trampoline workouts), but this has to be helping because I haven’t made any other major changes.

  • April 14, 2012 at 12:31 pm

    I read some articles in a couple of women’s magazines on this subject that Dr Oz wrote or that were written after he did the show that Montel was on. I did not see the show but did some research. I’m the proverbial never ending dieter, over 50, BBW, going through menopause and diabetic. While the prospect of a flatter belly and losing fat and inches and hopefully some weight is extremely appealing, I was drawn to the product to hopefully decrease my blood sugar levels in addition to the meds that I take. I purchased a bottle of each flavor. Both are tasty – like orange and raspberry sherbert. I use a cooking measuring tablespoon and take one in the morning before leaving for work and one in the evening when I get home about 30 min or so before dinner. I do feel like it helps curve my appetite and I seem to have a new found calmness. I am due for an A1C test in about a month and am hoping for something good. Any other benefits I get from taking this will be like frosting on a cake. I’m not looking for a miracle weight loss product. I will check back after I have my blood test.

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