Menu Tips: The Extreme Thyroid Cure Diet

Also known as the 7 Day Carb Cycle Solution Diet. This Diet is a simple eating strategy, basically an ordinary diet and a super thyroid simulator rolled into one. Day Carb Solution Diet about the 7 Day Carb Cycle Solution Diet. The below meal menu is low in calories and can work for any diet plan, but was specifically created for the carb cycling diet. Maximize metabolism to melt off fat!

Lose 30 pounds Fast

Here’s How the Diet Works:

  • Have a carb-rich breakfast! Research suggests this approach creates the ideal hormonal balance for weight loss, so have it every day.
  • Alternate between the high-carb and low carb approaches!  One day you’ll stoke your thyroid with carb-rich meals, the next day you’ll stoke fat-burning with low carb meals.  On lower carb day, you’ll add appetite curbing healthy fats such as olive oil and nuts.
  • Eat five times a day! You’ll head off cravings and keep your metabolism up by eating every three hours.
  • One day a week, eat whatever you want! Have one meal every 3 hours or so; finish eating by 7 p.m. drink as much water as you like.  Add ultra-low calorie extras (herbs, spices, mustard) as desired.  Always get a doctor’s okay to try any new plan.

Breakfast Choices:

Choose one Daily on both High and Low Carb Days.

Chocoberry Smoothie:


1 tbs. Chocolate Protein Power.

  • 1 Cup frozen strawberries.
  • ½ cup fat free milk.
  • 1  cup of ice.
  • Whip ingredients together for a delicious shake.


5 egg whites scrambled with tomato, mushrooms, black pepper and oregano, 1 whole wheat tortilla, ¼ cup salsa.


Whole Gain Yogurt Mix

2/3 cup fat free Greek yogurt, 1 cup berries, 6 tbs. whole grain cereal, 1 packet stevia sweetener, if desire.

High Carb Mini Meals

Choose four on High-Carb Days.

2 oz sliced broiled flank steak1 baked potato topped with butter spray1 cup green beans.


2 oz chicken breast sautéed in low-sodium chicken broth with chopped veggies, garlic and Italian seasoning, ½ cup low-sodium tomato sauce, ¾ cup whole grain pasta.

2 cups fruit, 1 cup of 1% low-fat cottage cheese, sprinkle of cinnamon.

2 oz tuna, 1 tbs. fat-free mayo, lettuce and tomato, 1 whole-wheat English muffin.

1 cup brown rice, 2-3 tbs. prepared turkey chili, 1 tbs. fat-free yogurt or sour cream. ½ cup sliced bell pepper.

1 cup reduced-sodium lentil or split-pea soup, 2 oz. chopped ham, 8 baby carrots.

Low-Carb Mini Meals

Choose Four on Low-Carb Days

3 oz salmon baked with 2 tsp. olive oil, herbs and ¼ tsp. sea salt

steamed broccoli with lemon juice.


3 oz. low-sodium deli meat and 2 oz low-fat cheese, 1 cup lettuce, ½ cup each cucumber and tomatoes, 2 tbs. fat-free dressing.

Fast food salad with grilled chicken and low-fat dressing (such as burger king tender grilled garden salad).

2 tbs. pistachios, 2 sticks low-fat string cheese, raw veggies, salsa.

5 oz. shrimp, 1 tbs. cocktail sauce 1 cup steamed broccoli.

3 oz lean ground meat sautéed with taco seasoning and veggies to taste, 1 tbs. fat-free yogurt or sour cream, rolled in 1 large lettuce leaf.

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