The Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Creating Awareness!

The Food Industry has really changed what we are Eating Today!

The Jamie Oliver food revolution program is changing the way citizens of Huntington, West Virginia perceive food, a city that is currently known as the most unhealthy in America.

The Jamie Olive "Food Revolution" works with schools, workplaces and even in homes, providing education on the importance of healthy eating. It's the natural progression from his UK series, "Jamie's School Dinners," where he used his show to get a billion dollars out of the British government to change the standards of school food.

It is about education, and the Jamie Oliver show is providing the education and tools that are needed, to make a life style change, to start eating healthy. Our food industry has really changed over the last 50 years, the food industry goals are to produce foods, as cheap as possible, resulting in processed foods. Processed foods are stripped of most of their nutritional value, and contain many unhealthy chemicals that cause weight gain.

Step one is avoid processed foods, start by purchasing whole foods, and by preparing more of your meals at home. Whole foods contain a lot of nutrients because they are not stripped of their nutritional valve. So when you are food shopping look for foods that contain whole wheat and whole gains, read the food labels make sure it says whole wheat or whole gains, not white flour or enriched wheat, walk away from these processed food.

We need to start our own food revolution, by saying no to these unhealthy processed foods that contribute to obesity and weight gain.

The food industry is making huge profits off of these processed foods because they are so cheap to produce. Processed foods are not really food.Our food is being re-engineered into something that is unrecognizable and full of chemicals. No one is thinking about diabetes, hearth disease, cancer or the ecological health of the whole system.

Also another ingredient to be aware of is "high fructose corn syrup" that is found in a wide variety of supermarket foods. This chemically processed ingredient is a manufactured sweetener that is not only chemical produced, but it also has a higher rate of sugar calories. This chemically processed ingredient is also digested differently in a bad way. Research has shown that this ingredient goes directly to the liver, releasing enzymes that instruct the body to store fat causing weight gain, so as you can see there are many reasons to stay away from high fructose corn syrup.

What do you think about the  Jamie Olive Fettuccine Asparagus Recipe it looks greats doesn't it? I have prepared this recipe and I very much recommend it!

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What do you think about the food revolution?

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