England’s Hottest Diet better then Weight Watchers

No pills, no diet math, no weird food! This amazing “Slimming World”plan promises unlimited portions and hunger free weight loss! When the folks behind England’s most successful diet decided to bring it to the US, they didn’t set up shop in New York or L.A. They heard that they like everything bigger in Texasso that’s where they went.  It was the perfect plan for a plan built around huge and unlimited portions. “Steak, potatoes, seafood, pasta they told me I had to eat, eat, eat,” recalls Dallas area mom Elma Hall. “It was so much food, I was blown away. And I still lost 10 pounds the first week!”

Today, Elma is skinnier; other locals are losing weight. Many of them tell us the “Slimming World” approach is a lot like weight watchers but with an amazing all-you-can-eat twist. “You are literally never hungry,” says Elma. Just relax, enjoy your food and get great results skeptical? Try it for yourself and see!

The Plan in a Nutshell:

Like many diets, this approach allows for unlimited fruits and vegetables. It also allows for unlimited lean protein, including fat-free plain yogurt, chicken breast and lean beef. The best part: unlimited potatoes, beans, corn, rice and pasta. Yup, even white rice and white pasta. This is all based on science.

Were any of your favorite foods missing from the above list? Not to worry! In addition to all the unlimited options, you also get a bonus serving of bread or cereal, a bonus serving of low-fat milk or cheese and bonus calories (175 or so) to use however you like it each day. And if that seems too good to be true, give it a try this diet has helped people lose literally millions of pounds.

Why England Hottest Diet Works:

How can a plan that allows so much food even though most of it is healthy and low in fat actually triggers weight loss? Here’s How…

The No Hunger Trick!

Everything on “Slimming Worlds” unlimited lists has a way of turning off hunger. Fiber rich options fill you up faster; protein rich options trigger stop eating brain chemicals and keep you full longer. As for carbs like pasta and rice, research has proven these yummy staples actually help create slimming blood sugar balance. When you’re eating foods like this, you naturally consume fewer calories. One Penn State study found that hunger fighting foods can help us cut about 600 calories a day!

The Get Skinny Mind Trick!

It’s just human nature: we tend to want what we can’t have. Fortunately, the opposite is true. If you have unlimited amounts of food, you will generally be content with less. You will not have those feelings of deprivation driving you to overeat. There is never a point on our plan were you have the limit or run out of options. You can even eat as many times a day as you like, so your brain relaxes, your belly is full and you will get skinny without struggle. 

Slimming World’s Success Stories!

When Shelley tested the special version of Slimming World’s plan, she lost weight and inches in one week. “I lost so much more than on any other diet I tried”, says Shelley, 53. And Crystal, 44, mother of two is losing pounds: “it was like the opposite of a diet. I never felt hungry.

It’s not like anything else you’ve ever done before”, she says and that could be exactly what you need to finally lose weight!

What Makes this Plan Work?

1. All You Can Eat Wonder Foods.

Serve yourself “bottomless” portions of fruit, vegetables, lean protein (including eggs, fat free plain yogurt, fat free cottage cheese, seafood, chicken breast, turkey breast and lean meats), potatoes, corn, rice and pasta. Spices, Lemon and fat-free vinaigrette are also unlimited.

Add Healthy Extras.

Each day, enjoy two slices of whole grain bread or 3/4 cup low sugar whole-grain cereal; also add one serving low-fat milk or cheese. Drink all the water and zero calorie drinks you want.


Enjoy about hundred and 75 cal of yummy extras and treat each day. (Go a bit lower if you are close to your goal, higher if you have a lot to lose.)

Remember you can eat Potatoes So Enjoy? Surprise! Potatoes are really good for you!

Potatoes have a bad rap, but the American Association just certified spuds as a heart healthy food. Enjoy your spuds plain or with a dollop of fat free yogurt, and here is what you will get…

1. More antioxidants than broccoli!

According to food scientists, potato contains more health boosting phytochemicals and broccoli. Potatoes even contain rare nutrients called Kukoamines that may help lower blood pressure.

2. As much vitamin C as fruit!

One potato provides 45% of the RDA of burning-burning and disease-fighting vitamin C. That’s more than you get from apples and grapes. It’s also the richest low-cholesterol natural source of mood boosting B-6, providing 35% of the RDA.

3. More fiber than Oat Bran!

Keep the skin on, and a potato boosts 7 grams of fiber which is more than in 1/3 cup of oat bran (and consistently tastier)!


Weight Loss Plans.

Planning your meals and exercise routines in advance makes sticking to your plan effortless, and this is an important element in succeeding. If you are not a member of shrinktheplanet-weigh loss.com you can become a member by clicking here.

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7 thoughts on “England’s Hottest Diet better then Weight Watchers

  • July 25, 2011 at 12:36 pm

    I lost 40 on Slimming world. There are locations in Flower Mound Texas and Lewisville. It works!!

    This is the best plan I have ever tried. It works. I am never hungry. I eat more fruits and vegetables than ever before. I feel great and have much more energy. My cravings are pretty much gone. I have finally found a plan I can live with long term and I am enjoying the ride. I have been doing this as part of the Lewisville, Texas group since March, 2010 and have lost 38 1/2 lbs. LOVE IT!

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  • November 15, 2011 at 10:37 am

    I joined Slimming World in the UK just over two years ago, I’ve gone on to lose 7 stones.. 98lbs.. and now I’m a Consultant for them. This is the best plan ever!

  • November 15, 2011 at 11:00 am

    I joined in January 2008 weighing 24st 5lb or about 343 pounds. 2 years later I was 12st or 168 pounds, in 2008 I could barely walk upstairs, in 2011 I run the London Marathon and now run every day, I went on to win Slimming World’s – Man of the Year award in 2010 and I credit them with saving my life and giving back a husband to his wife and father back to his children, you are all welcome to add me on Facebook where you will also find so many amazing Slimming World resources and support networks.

  • November 15, 2011 at 4:38 pm

    Love these inspiring stories. Congratulations on your weight loss.

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  • November 15, 2015 at 2:43 pm

    Currently lost weight. This the best Food Planning meal you will ever eat,, its not a diet its a way of life!

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