Easy Smoothie Express Blender

If you need a compact but efficient blender for daily use on the go, or at home to make diet shakes then this is the perfect mini blender. This blender is powerful and sleek and it’s the perfect little gadget to bring to work and easily make quick delicious smoothies. It works great, looks great, takes up little counter space, and is very handy. Just blend, unscrew, invert, and you have your drink in the cup! Fast easy cleanup too!

Smoothie Express Lifestyle Smoothie Maker

Back to Basics Mini Blender Smooth Express:

SE3000 Smoothie Express Lifestyle 26-Ounce Smoothie Maker

On a smoothie diet, you will enjoy the fruity drinks again and again you can even pick just one favorite and stick with it. Turns out, the reputation is a weapon against cheating. Studies show that people who eat the same meal for at least one meal a day lose more weight then those who have more variety. Having a lot of food choices stimulates the urge to eat more. When you stick with the same thing more often for example, the same breakfast and lunch every day you take away guesswork and temptations. This is one reason why folks on shake style diets typically lose so much weight!

Why Diet Smoothies can help you lose weight?

A smoothie Diet is a great way to control calories in an easy convenient way. Two smoothies and a meal is an effective way to lose weight. Not only is it an easy way to plan your diet but it is also a nutritious diet that includes high fiber foods. It is designed to control hunger better and provide a better range of nutrients than a typical shake plan. Alternate smoothie shakes along with a healthy meal and you have a diet plan that can help you reach your weight loss goals. Another reason diet smoothies works is because most fruits and vegatables are high in fiber and fiber fills you up, and keeps you satisfied reducing those junk food cravings that happen throughout the day.

Diet Smoothie Recipes:

1.  Dr. Oz Blueberry Banana Smoothie.

2. Fatigue-Fighting Pineapple Protein Blaster.

3.  Blueberry Pineapple Smoothies.

4. Dr. Oz Green Smoothie Recipes.

5. Chocoberry Smoothie.

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