Walk off the Weight Tips

Winter weather may have left you frozen to your couch, but don’t let the hiatus discourage you from resuming your walking program. It isn’t hard to wake up hibernating muscles.

There are two key things to remember when getting yourself up to speed. First, you have to ease into it so you don’t end up with sore knees, skins or feet.

You’ll feel winded during a routine that seemed easy last summer/fall.

Ease into you exercise routine by working out at different paces;

  • Light pace generally allows you to go easy without being out of breath.
  • Moderate should make you feel slightly out of breath. You should feel slightly worn out, but not to the point where it is unbearable.
  • Hard should make you breathe rapidly, and you should feel like you are just at the point where you are pushing your body’s boundaries, without doing yourself any harm.


Here is as walking plan, which will revitalized your workout in just a few week.

1 15 min. easy 15 min. easy Rest Rest 10 min. moderate 15 min. easy (total: 25 min) Rest other activity
2 20 min. easy 25 min. moderate Rest 15 min. easy 15 min. moderate (total: 30 min) 30 min. moderate Rest other activity
3 25 min. easy 30 min. moderate with 1 min. hard intervals every 5 min. 15 min. easy 30 min. moderate with 2 min. hard intervals every 5 min. 35 min. easy other activity Rest
4 15 min. easy 15 min. moderate (Total: 30 min.) 35 min. moderate with 3 min. hard intervals every 5 min. 40 min. easy 5 min. easy 15 min. moderate 5 min. hard 5min. easy (Total: 30 min) 35 min. moderate other activity Rest


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